Little Changes with Little Sun

Living in a world facing complex environmental and social challenges, it feels more evident than ever that it is in the hands of today’s youngest generation to shape our planet’s future. That is why working with kids and spreading education that tackles those challenges is an essential tool for achieving sustainable development and combating climate change.

With “Education for Sustainable Development”, the United Nations have created a program that empowers children to get involved in creating a sustainable future. Here at Little Sun, we have adopted the idea of ESD and combined their approach with artistic and creative teaching methods. But why education and art? We have experienced that art is very powerful to create change. Connecting children’s culture, experience, and talents, art can lead to transformative changes in their understanding and interaction with their environment.

How do we translate that into action with the Little Sun Foundation? We develop programs around sustainability and renewable energies that empower children and give them the knowledge they need to make smart choices.

USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts New York

This summer, we have been working with a unique summer camp – USDAN. Have a look at this video:

The program was led by André Feliciano. By working with existing materials and reflecting upon their own usage of resources and their role in society, he encouraged the kids to develop their own ideas for the future.

The students built a lamp, powered by a bycicle, a wind-powered-air-conditioner (WPAC), using materials they could find in the camp. They discussed the concept “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” and learned about solutions to our excessive waste problem. They built the WPAC for other classrooms in the camp as well in order to contribute to the community at USDAN. Over the course of eight weeks, André could see that the kids began questioning their own consumption and developed ideas how to live more sustainably. And they had a lot of fun, working with different materials and things they would usually throw away.

“I believe that art can play a big role in regards to climate issues if shift from a contemporary mentality to a long-term mentality – using climate change as subject or not -, and become an example to the world to follow.”  – André Feliciano, USDAN, NYC

The students experienced how ideas turn into action and learned about simple ways to generate energy. Everyone involved could feel the joy of energy independence and the connection to the elements. The USDAN staff was impressed by their work and is now thinking of replacing electrical units in the camp!

If you are interested in our Little Sun solar education program, feel free to contact us!