Educating young people about the importance of solar energy plays a critical role in creating a more sustainable future for our planet.

Without energy, children cannot study after dark, compromising their education. Without education, they have fewer future prospects. Solar energy can help children get a better education. And education about solar makes children aware of smart energy solutions and gives them the tools to make a better future for themselves – and for our planet. Teaching kids about solar and sustainability will translate into an acceleration of green policies, sustainability research, and innovative tech solutions in the future.

Solar Schools Program – Connecting classrooms worldwide!

With Little Sun’s Solar Schools Program, we aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals on multiple levels. We deliver solar lamps to children and provide them with clean light to study after dark. We also want to provide education content and workshops in line with the UN Education for Sustainable Development that encourage children to be responsible actors who resolve challenges, develop empathy and contribute to creating a more sustainable world. Have a look at the video and contact us to get involved!

Educational Material

Our workshop materials are based on two strands of learning: a theoretical Science Education Program and a practical Activity Series. Our workshops are unique in their focus on solar energy and their multidisciplinary approach that combines art, science, and empathy. Our carefully compiled factsheets are designed to complement the science, ethics, and health classes in our workshops. The selected topics all align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include health, well-being, and affordable and clean energy. Read more about a recent solar education project!


We currently offer our education material in English, German, and French. The workshops are oriented towards different age ranges from three to twelve years, from pre-school to middle school. Manuals in each language provide an overview of the workshops as well as additional factsheets.


French (coming soon)