Solar Power Means Empowerment

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Solar not only brings light, but improves education, safety, and health for those who live without energy access. It is the foundation of a brighter future.

The Little Sun Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by artist Olafur Eliasson to bring light to the most vulnerable communities – especially urgent given the record-high number of displaced persons around the world. We raise funds to bring solar light and phone charging to refugee camps and to students. We also offer programmes on solar energy that broaden the reach of climate education.

Educational Projects

Providing solar light to children in areas without reliable access to electricity gives them a vital tool for studying after dark, boosting their academic performance while improving their health. We believe that educating young people about the importance of solar builds a strong foundation for a more sustainable future. Read more!

Humanitarian Relief

For refugees and internally displaced persons energy is a basic need, alongside food, water, and shelter. Personal portable solar lamps and phone chargers create long-term independence, replacing expensive and unhealthy kerosene, candles, and disposable batteries. Read more!

Our Impact

Quick and efficient solutions for off-grid communities in urgent need of energy

Improving living conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons

Empowering children through educational programs on sustainability and renewable energy

Share the power of the sun today!

With your help, a student or a displaced person receives a solar light that lasts for five years! Join our mission to empower communities that would otherwise not have access to energy!


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