Solar Education at IGA Berlin 2017

This year, Berlin hosts the international garden and exhibition event IGA Berlin 2017. It is a platform for cultural and scientific exchange and presents sustainable projects and ideas. Expecting about 2 million visitors, the garden exhibition has a large outreach.

The IGA organisers aim to attract a lot of young visitors and offer environmental education at the “IGA Campus”. Different programs are offered for kids of all ages. We have been invited to run a series of solar education workshops on the IGA Campus. For us, education is the foundation for sustainable development. Therefore we are happy to work especially with the young ones on the topics solar energy and sustainability. In our workshops we want to ignite the children’s passion for environmental protection and renewable energies.

The goal of the workshops is that the children understand how solar technology works and how it helps people that live without energy access. We also talk with the kids about the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations and how everyone can contribute to a more sustainable planet by changing their own behaviour and consumption.

Spreading education on sustainability and environmental and social challenges is the key to a better future for everyone. Find out more about our educational materials and other projects: